What I did in the last 4 months!!

2011 October 21
by linda

I had a new hobby in cake decorating, FONDANT. I convinced myself to try this so I can do a BEN 10 cake for Nathan’s 4th Birthday. Starting with watching lots of youtube :) and buying few Debbie Brown’s books and Planet Cake’s books. I really want to do a proper fondant course however I couldn’t leave my little one and the course usually take up to 1 or 2 days, which is impossible for me, since he is breastfed. Another thing is that the course is really pricy, let alone the tools and ingredients.

From July up till now, I did 7 fondant cakes already. I get more comfortable with fondant than before but I still need to learn lots of tricks and how to do lots of stuffs properly. You can check the detail on my “Cakes” pages. Here are some photos line up.





Here are some cupcakes photos that I did for my friend’s child birthday:

These were sweets and treats at Nathan’s 4th Birthday Bash. (Left Rainbow Jellys and Right Macarons tower)

I finally try to make macarons to follow the “NOW” baking trend :) Actually if it wasn’t for Nathan’s birthday, I might be still haven’t try to bake them yet. My first trial was baking french macarons. The result looks perfect, but it was way to sweet for my liking, however my husband said that after they are sandwich with the buttercream in the middle, they weren’t that sweet (PSsssssttt!!! I reduced the sugar in the buttercream a lot). The trickiest part I found in baking the French macarons is that they stuck to the paper after baking for 30-40 minutes (way too long int the oven). I had to drain the bottom part of the tray and under the baking paper with cold water do that the steam help release the macarons.

Anyway, I tried the Italian Macarons and I loved them. It took them about 15 minutes in the oven and they let go of the baking paper easily. The down part was lots of washing to do due to lots of utensils and pans used :) I chose to do the macarons with Asian touch. BEN 10 associated with these black, green and yellow colour and I start to work out my flavour using these 3 colour ideas. Black is for Black Sesame Mac with Black Sesame infused White Chocolate Ganache. Green is for Roasted Coconut with Pandan Mac with Pandan infused White Chocolate Ganache. Yellow is my favourite thing, Lemon Mac with Lemon Cream Cheese. I am happy with the flavour, just need to work on my piping pressure for the similar size.

I also did some cakes for Nathan’s teacher’s daughter birthday. It was my first attempt in making chocolate cigars for the border surrounded the cake. It was tricky at first and took me a while to get used to the technique but it was fun although I slept at 4 AM in the morning because of this :) The cake was huge 30×30 cm, and it need a lot of chocolates cigars.

Lately I got huge orders of tumpeng platters (you can check the photos on my “TUMPENG” page). Thank you for trusting me to make your special day special :)

Another thing is that I have the My Kitchen Produce page on Facebook. I asked my husband to put the tab in the front page but he hasn’t have the time to do it. Anyway, if you do have facebook, please do check out my page and like them :) Thanks a lot guys for your support.


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  1. 2011 October 24

    Oh i forgot to mention the cupcakes! I love the piping on them, mine is always so messy, hehe. Also love the ‘ice cream’ cones, what a great idea! Especially for a kid’s birthday :) Oh how do you do the red writing on that last cake? Looks so cool!

    • 2011 October 25
      linda permalink

      I use 1M Wilton… try them and sure your piping will look good :) I am loking for a french seamless piping tube at the moment.. maybe gotta check out the decorating store this weekend.The red writing is fondant, I used a cutter called” tap i”t. i think they should name it “whack it” instead LOL so hard to get them out.

  2. 2011 October 24

    hmm i wrote a comment before but seems like it didn’t post properly (altho the second comment came through??) lol.

    these cakes are absolutely stunning Linda! you are such a professional!! i can only hope to be as half as good as you one day but i have a long way to go with my cake decorating! i seriously have no idea how you put together those cakes, so impressive… :)

    i especially love the rainbow/unicorn cake, the ben 10 cake and the two tier 53 year cake – so awesome!! you should seriously teach cake decorating classes and if you ever do, sign me up!! :)

    i have ordered my copies of planet cake and 50 easy party cakes like you recommended so i am eagerly awaiting them in the mail any day now!

    so impressed that you aced macarons on the first try as well. i have been dying to make them for ages but i am far too scared to try!! yours are beautiful :)

    great to see you back on the blog o sphere :)

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