I never thought in a million years that I would have a passion in cooking and baking. I was forced to cook for myself when I first came to Australia back in 1999 because everything was so expensive and they still are. Thank God I lived with other friends who have been living in Australia longer than me and they were used to cook together almost every afternoon for dinner. I still remember that I didn’t know how to cook rice using a rice cooker, that was how clueless I am about cooking. I lived with all my best roomie for more than a year, then I moved out because my daddy bought me an apartment. That was when the real adventure begin.

I cook for myself almost everyday. To be honest, I couldn’t even start to describe how awful my meals were everyday. However, I don’t like to throw things out even though it tasted crap, so I had to bear with my own cooking for days (I don’t understand why I always cook in large portion that I couldn’t finished for days, that was so silly of me). My phone bills was bloating because I called my mom about her recipes almost everyday. My ex-boyfriend (now husband) probably still could recall how awful my cooking tasted before, but he didn’t tell the whole truth (so unlike now *-*).

Then in late 2004, my mom came to Sydney for holiday. I felt sorry for her because she didn’t have anything to do. I offered her to do small catering business. She was happy with her new busy routine, but she could only stay here for 3 months because of her visa limitation. Then with heavy heart, we had to stop the business because she had to go back to Indonesia and I still had a final university project to finish (I was taking interior design). In those three months, I really speed up my cooking skills and learned a lot about cooking various Indonesian dishes.

Despite the discontinued catering business, I still did some occasional small party catering and baking Indonesian Lapis Legit and other traditional cakes that I put in several Asian groceries stores. Every Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Idul Fitri, I still receive order for cakes (Lapis Legit is the most popular one). For enquiry or quote on the cake, please email me at linda.kurniawan@gmail.com.

This website was created because of my husband’s support. He advised me to do that so I have something to look forward to in my spare night times (after my toddler is asleep of course). I am delightful and excited that I could share the recipes that I tested myself to all my friends and food enthusiasts. Furthermore, I could practice my photography (although it hasn’t yet achieved the quality that I hope for) after the cooking is done.

Please respect my hard work, as all of this is worth countless time I spend standing in the kitchen preparing, cutting, cooking, styling, photographing, and blogging. If you would like to use or re-post the content or photographs in this blog, please give the credits back by including a link back to me. Last but not least, I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment on my blog if you find them useful or you may share a better version of the recipe.



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  1. 2011 June 20
    Mia Campioni permalink

    Hello Linda,
    I come from Surabaya and live in Sydney since 1971, and I am looking everywhere for a spekkoek like my nanny made before the war (without the prunes). If you do make spekkoek to be sold in or send to Sydney please let me know, what it costs, how big it is (just a simple original spekkoek), and where I can get it,
    Thank you,Mia

  2. 2011 November 13
    Anita Linggar permalink

    Hello Linda

    I am wondering if we want to order nasi tumpeng for 20-25 people in Sydney for 17 December 2011. Please let me know the total price. We are having a reunion and will have it in Botanical Garden.

    Please email me the details.


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