Stylish Blogger Award

2011 May 5
by linda

I received an email from one of my loyal commentator on my blog saying that she have given me the award and that I don’t have to follow the rules. I absolutely honored to receive this award knowing that some people actually enjoys my blog. Having this award passed to me really made my day. Thank you Christine :) You can read her post about it here.

Thank you Christine for understanding my situation (busy busy busy with one toddler and a baby) and saying that I don’t have to follow the rules, but I feel guilty to brake one chain of this award being enjoyed by other bloggers.

So, here are the rules:

  • I need to thank the person who passed this award to me.
  • I need to pass the award to 10 blogs that I enjoy.
  • I need to share 7 things about myself.

Firstly, thank you so much Christine. You really made my day.

Secondly, the 10 blogs that I enjoy (in random orders)

  1. Bisous A Toi – for Rima’s beautiful baking and gorgeous photography.
  2. Tested & Tasted – for Doris’s authentic Asian’s baking and sweets.
  3. Glorious Treats – for Glory’s dessert, cute decorated cookies and brilliant party planning ideas.
  4. I Heart Cuppy Cakes – for Clara’s beautiful cupcakes. Love her step by step instruction and personal ratings to the cupcakes.
  5. Another Lunch – for Melissa’s creativity in creating clever bentos to her children.
  6. Frosted! – for Linda’s exciting cupcakes recipe and frosting.
  7. Ambrosia - for Anne’s authentic Indonesian cooking recipes and bakings.
  8. Paty’s Kitchen – for Paty’s authentic traditional sweets and dishes.
  9. Aroma from Alley Kitchen – for Lisa’s inspirational tumpeng decorations.
  10. i eat sweet… – for Oni’s creative macaroons and fillings, and her beautiful fondant cakes.

It took me a long time to list my top 10 blogs, because there are so many blogs that I really enjoy. Well, I have to ask my husband how to make the blog roll on the web, because I have no clue about this computer high tech thingy :)

Lastly, 7 things about my self. Hmmm let me think…

  1. I am a mother of 2. My first born is almost 4 years old (in 4 months time he will be), and my second one is almost 10 months old. They are both boys and very handful. Apparently my oldest son like to help me in the kitchen. He want to know what I am doing or whether he could help mixing things. He loves mixing things :) Now, he is into making lots of colourful jelly and spooning the liquid into small cups.
  2. I am Indonesian with Chinese background. Don’t ask me about Chinese, I don’t have a clue :) Even from my grandparents were born in Indonesia, so I don’t know which generation of great great great grandparents came to Indonesia.
  3. I am a bachelor of Design in Interior Design. I haven’t really had a chance to apply my knowledge professionally :) but i did design our bedroom in Jakarta. The bedroom is actually for the wedding thing. It is all in Chinese tradition that you have to have a bedroom… something like that, I don’t really understand the tradition thingy. Even though we only spend few months in Jakarta, and the bedroom is left without occupants while we are in Sydney. We come back home once every 1 or 2 year.
  4. I have a dog phobia. I am terrified of dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, cute dogs, not so cute dogs, you name it, I am really really afraid of them; which make me difficult to bring the kids to the park, because I feel haunted all the time. I try to ignore them and have a good distance, but sometimes there are few aggressive dogs that scare me. Especially living in Sydney, where almost everybody loves dogs and having them as the man best friend. I had lots of “screaming my lungs out” incidents, but they were so many that this story would goes on and on and on :)
  5. I love staying at home, which somehow I think is supported with no.4 stated above :) I don’t remember loving staying at home that much while I was in Indonesia. Well, I could stay at home for few days, but in here I could stay up to a week.
  6. I hate shopping clothes and others stuffs that normal woman usually want or crave for. I don’t enjoy exploring shops trying new clothes or shoes and the whole experience. Trying then feel “oooh it’s doesn’t look good on me” or “the colour doesn’t fit my skin complexion” or whatever.. and then hop in to another shop, and same things happen… then you ended up wasting the whole day with nothing. I shop whenever my clothes just gave up on me :) , if you know what I mean. I remember when I was in secondary, my mum forced me to shop for new clothes for Chinese New Year. I said “you can shop for me mum, any styles you like, I will be waiting for you in the bookstore next door.” After few dramas, my mum just gave up asking me to shop for new clothes.
  7. I love trying new exiting and challenging recipes, as well as decorating cakes.

Thank you once again to pass this award to me Christine, and thank you for reading folks!


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4 Responses leave one →
  1. 2011 May 6

    You’re very welcome Linda!

    Wow you have a degree in interior design? That is so cool! I love the rooms you designed – they look beautiful! I wish I could have a knack for being that creative.. I’m terribly uncreative hehe.

    Was great to learn a few more things about you! :)

  2. 2011 May 15

    Thank you Linda , it’s so kind of you for sharing with me. I’m collecting the award now :)
    Btw, love the interior design of your Jkt’s bedroom, very cozy! :D

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