The Wicked Witches and Spiders

2011 May 1

This post was intended to celebrate Halloween day. It is about 6 months late now :) but still worth to be posted. These cupcakes were my project with Nathan. We searched through Ms. Stewart’s website and Nathan chose to do the wicked witches. He had lots of fun cutting the hair, dipping the sugar, and of course eating the “eyes” chocolates. The expression on the cuppies were his ideas. Thank you honey ;)

The thing that both of I and Nathan don’t like is the licorice. No offense to the licorice fans but YUUUCCKKK. They taste like a cough medicine. The licorice was intended for decorations only. We licked them and store it for future use. Hahaha… kidding…



  1. For tinted caster sugar: place enough caster sugar in a ziplock bag. Using a toothpick, take a dip in the colour gel and apply to the caster sugar. Mix the colour to the sugar by pressing and shaking them. Add the colour a little at the time as you needed.
  2. To decorate the witches cupcakes and the spider cupcakes, refer to my pictures :) (It is much harder for me to explain how to than to look at the pictures)

Please leave your comment/suggestion if you find this recipe useful. Can’t wait to hear from you and Thank You !!!

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  1. 2011 May 24
    xIrenex permalink

    Hi, where did you buy the small ice cream cones from?

    • 2011 May 24
      linda permalink

      I bought mine at Coles. I don’t remember the brand name, but it says mini cones on the box. The box has a greenish colour.

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