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2010 June 29
by linda

I had a very busy week this week. I accompanied my families who are holidaying in Sydney on Thursday night. I had my obstetrician visit on Friday afternoon. I had to prepare something for our Saturday weekend gateaway. We were going to visit a farm for Mandarins picking. It is about one and a half hour from Sydney. I ended up making Indonesian style pancakes filled with roasted crushed peanut, chocolate, grated cheese and condensed milk, and brushed margarine on top. WOW what an intense and unhealthy filling. Because I am not really familiar with the cooking process, I ended up with a sweet pancakes. I guessed I kinda panicked in the middle of cooking process and just chucked everything in. Anyway, they still tasted good and edible.

On the farm, I think we picked about 18 kg of Mandarins. They are so cheap, about $2/kg and from the quality and taste point of view, you can’t really compare them to the one you buy at Supermarket. They taste beautiful, juicy and fresh. I think I ended up eating about 2 kg while picking them, and my husband was about the same, not to mention my little boy. Straight after farm, we dropped some mandarins to my husband families and chit chat for about 1 hour. Then I urgently need to shop for some essentials ingredients for Sunday order. Someone ordered 27 Risoles Chicken Ragout and 27 Risoles Beef Mince. For each type of the risoles has different sauces. Chicken Ragout goes with peanut sauce hence Beef Mince with spicy and sour chilli sauce.

Well, after I arrived home, I can’t really start my cooking straight away since my little boy was still awake. I had to wait until he went to bed first. Well that was my thought originally. After he slept, I didn’t really go straight to the kitchen. I had my intimate time with my laptop and was doing facebook-ing time. Harvesting my online crops and feeding my virtual animals. Well enough said for that, time is ticking. It was around 11 PM at night. I took out the cutting board and start cutting and cubing 1 kg of carrot and 2 kg of potatoes. I know it was a bit too much for 54 risoles, but I don’t want to take any chances if something happens. I better have more than enough filling rather than less. I finished about 2 AM in the morning cooking all the beef mince and chicken ragout filling. Clean the kitchen so I feel happy to start working in the morning.

I woke up around 9 AM, and started to whip batter for wrapper. I finished around 11 AM for filling and crumbing all the risoles. Packing them in boxes and stored them in the fridge because I needed to go to the city to buy rice and some of the sauces ingredients. Well, long story shorts, I ended up frying the risoles at around 3.15 PM. I knew that I would be late but I couldn’t resist myself of cleaning the living room. It was such a mess. My boy was eating his lunch and they were all over the place mixing up with all of his toys. Since his daddy took him to the library, I quickly cleaned up all the mess and then back to my frying session. Damn, it was about 5 past 4 and I just knew when my customer called me. I finished everything by that time though. I just haven’t start the packing process. Not only that, when all the sauces are all packed up and I was getting ready to go downstairs, I forgot where I put my wallet. When I found it, all the peanut sauce has burst out of the plastic packaging. OMG, my day couldn’t go much worse that that. Thank God I put all the sauces in the takeaway boxes, so they are still in the box. I quickly went back to the kitchen and threw all the plastic packaging and poured the sauces in the takeaway boxes.

My orders were done, and now it is time to finished half of the filling left over. I had to whip the wrapped batter again and I ended up with another 50 risoles. Well, at least I didn’t go short on the orders and all the house members could have a taste of the risoles. Everybody is happy.

Well, it was Monday again. I still had to do half a kg of Kastengel and half a kg of Nastar for my customers order. However the orders are all from my friends and I think I could go easy with these one. My auntie and her children would visit me and we were planning to go to fish market to have lunch, bought some live mud crab an prawns for dinner. Fast forward, chop chop chop, cut cut cut, slice slice slice, stir stir stir and VOILA.

The taste of the crab is so so so good. I couldn’t even describe it in words. The prawns were very nice as well. I never cook them in that way, it really is a unique approach and an interesting taste combination. I will post the recipes as soon as I cook it again myself though.

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