BBQ Pork

2010 June 3
by linda

I have been wanting to make BBQ Pork Buns. I had been scrolling Rasa Malaysia website and found this fabulous recipes, BBQ Pork also known as Char Siu as well as the perfect buns recipe. I thought this would be a great start to make may own filling for the buns from scratch.

However, I found two ingredients that I was not familiar with, Rose wine and maltose. I wasn’t so sure that I will able to get these ingredients if I mentioned their English terms. I asked my friend whose mother tongue is both Mandarin and CantoneseĀ  to check out the website and spelled them for me in Indonesian. I was hoping that it will make my shopping a little bit easier for me to pronounce it to the shopkeeper. Well at least I prepare myself just in case they don’t know the English term. But to my surprise, they understand what I am looking for.

Time to buy the meat. I have been checking the price of pork butt to make a perfect tender juicy BBQ. OMG, they are aboutĀ  $22 a kg. Gosh thinking about feeding all the meat eaters in my household, I need at least 2.5 kg for one dinner. No way in the world. Second choice is pork belly, they are about $11-14 a kg. But they are way too unhealthy and fattening. I have to go with my favourite part of the pork, armpit. Yep, you heard me the armpit part. They are about $6.50 a kg. The fat is not as well spread as the belly, but at least it has its lean and fatty part. The most important thing is that they are economical and they are good enough for my BBQ Pork. I always go with this part every time I want to make pork satay.

If you would like the recipe, please click here. The only additional thing that I add to the recipe is sweet soy sauce also known as Kecap Manis. I add them to the sauce for brushing to increase the burning and stickiness to the meat. Finally, I ended up with having no BBQ Pork buns because all the carnivores have eaten all my Char Siu. Well, I have commit my self to make the buns as soon as I have time. This time I will make different filling to avoid the spying eyes of all the carnivores.

Preparation time (duration): 45

Culinary tradition: Chinese

Please leave your comment/suggestion if you find this recipe useful. Can’t wait to hear from you and Thank You!

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2 Responses leave one →
  1. 2010 June 8
    silvia permalink

    Pork armpit beli di mana Lin? Bilangnya apa?
    Gimana dg rose wine dan maltose, lu bilangnya gimana dan beli di mana?

    Gw bayangin kalau lu ke pasar di Indo, BANG! Minta ketek babinya! hahaha…
    paling2 lu dibales…ketek saya aja, Ci…hauahahahaa

    • 2010 June 8
      linda permalink

      huahahhahahaha pork armpit itu beli di Emperor Meat Garden … dianya langsung tulis pork armpit kok… gua biasa bilang gua mau ini … gua yg risih bilang armpit wkwkwkwk.. kalo rose wine sama maltose gua beli di DongNam yg deket Capitol Square, sebenarnya Dong Nam juga ada disebelah Emperor Meat Garden itu tapi gua gak tau mereka ngerti gak english termnya

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