Black Sesame Dumplings

2010 March 23
by linda

I absolutely love this sweet dish and can’t simply get enough of them. If I am not mistaken, the first time I tried them in Singapore Chinatown. They tasted absolutely fantastic. I truly am cannot describe how much I love this dish. The difference between the Tang Yuan in Singapore Chinatown and The one I was making is the soup. I had mine with peanut soy bean milk back then. Anyway, I really suggest you try to make this fabulous dessert. It is easy really easy to make too. If you would like the recipe click here

Black Sesame Dumplings

Black Sesame Dumplings - oozing filling


  • I use ground black sesame to avoid all the hassle. You could find them in most of Chinese or Asian groceries stores.
  • I decrease the amount of sugar and butter too. you could adjust them to suit your preferences.

Preparation time (duration): 30

Culinary tradition: Chinese

Please leave your comment/suggestion if you find this recipe useful. Can’t wait to hear from you and Thank You!!!

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