Hainanese Chicken Rice

2009 December 22

My husband is and will always be a big fan of Hainanese Chicken Rice. When we went to Singapore few years ago, we ate Chicken rice almost every day, and he never got sick of them. We tried them almost in every food courts. I lost count on how many chicken rice have we eat.

I tried making Hainanese Chicken Rice so many times. They always turned out like bloody in the center, despite the fact that I always boiled them longer than the recommended time. I steamed them like an hour and they were still blood in between the flesh and bone. So we ended up having Fried Hainanese Chicken Rice instead. I almost give up making this dish, which is supposed to be a simple dish.

This is my latest attempt on making Hainanese Chicken Rice. They turned out OK, not as great as I expected them to be. I still could found some blood in the middle, but after steaming, they were fine. Now, I wonder whether the main factor of failing is the kind of chicken used. I used free range chicken for this recipe, last time I used ordinary chicken. If you would like the recipe, click here.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Culinary tradition: Chinese, Singaporean

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