Nathan Birthday – Part 2

2010 September 4

After “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” cake, now it is the Robot’s cake turn. This Robot cake is specially requested by the birthday boy. I was offering him a 3D trains cake instead, but he insisted on having a Robot cake, since he is really into the Iron Man at the moment (of coarse once again courtesy of his daddy).

The birthday celebration was on Tuesday, so I had to prepare everything on Monday after dropping Nathan at school. I was planning to do the Robot cake and the Robot cookies for kids goody bags. I decided to once again use Martha Steward’s recipe. This time I chose Versatile Vanilla Cake. For the Robot cookies, I decided to use Dorie Greenspan’s All Occasion Sugar Cookies recipe. I planned to put the royal icing on top of each cookie. I finished preparing both the cookie dough ready to be rolled in the fridge and two layers of 30 by 30 cakes. I wrapped the cake in the aluminium foil just before I picked Nathan up. There is no way I could frost the cake while Nathan is at home, unless he is asleep.

Finally, I started rolling the cookies around 9.30 PM. OMG, the cookie dough was a bit hard to work with if you want the cookies to be in certain shape. It is constantly needed to be chilled to be able to work with. I abandoned my prepared robot mould that I made few days earlier and decided to use a star shape. I also had prepare the royal icing, but didn’t use it on the cookies because of the time constriction. I finished baking the whole dough of cookie though and to tell you the truth, they taste F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C.

One important lesson that I learned that night was to remember to have your unsalted butter at room temperature before you make the Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I made this buttercream lots of time and that fact has made me over confident with myself. I thought I could waive myself through the chilled butter and got a beautiful buttercream. I was wrong, the buttercream curdled and the liquid from egg whites is separated from the mixture. I made 2 batches of the buttercream and throwed everything in the bin. OMG, it was more than half kg of unsalted butter, what a waste. I had to make another one, and this time I played safe and rest the butter until it was ready. I only made 1 batch as I was worried that I might screw up again. Anyway, I finally finished frosting the cake at 2.30 AM in the morning.

I can’t wait to cut the cake as I was pretty curious on the taste and textures. I was a bit worried actually on the sponginess of this cake because the batter was really thick that I had to level the them with the spoon before they went into the oven. It turned out that the cake was OK, not really spongy as I want them to be but they really were versatile and sturdy. It made them easier to carve and frost.

For the decoration, you can use any chocolate colours or anything you have on hand. I am sure that the kids won’t judge ;) I got my inspiration from this website. The baking tin suggested in the web is 13 by 9 inch, but because I only got 30 by 30 cm square pan, I cut my Robot parts accordingly. You could try to do your Robot cake according to whatever pan available.

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Nathan’s Birthday – Part 1

2010 September 4

On Saturday the 28th August 2010, we were going to find presents for my little boy. He was going to be three on the 29th of August. We have been thinking what kind of present should we give to him since he already had lots and lots of toys (courtesy of his daddy who likes to buy more and more toys almost every weekend without Nathan even asking for one… hmm how lucky you are boy). I said to my husband to skip all the toys sections and go to the educational and art n craft sections. Our apartment seems to shrink day by day because of all the overcrowded “junk”. We ended up buying a colouring book and a paint set. Not bad, since he is really into this art n craft stuff especially with the encouragement of his favourite TV shows “Mr. Maker”.

I didn’t plan to make anything for him on Sunday as I thought he would have his Robot birthday cake (as he requested) at his preschool on the coming Tuesday. Late in the afternoon, his daddy asked me whether I am going to prepare something for him or not. I thought better to make something simple yet interesting for Nathan. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, that is easy, simple and quick. The decoration is no fuss, just need to find an easy, quick yet tasty recipes to make. Before I begin my recipes hunting, I asked my husband what flavour he would like to have on the cakes (He is not a cake and dessert eater, but he loves chocolate). I did my research at night and decided to make Martha Steward’s Double Chocolate Cake and Shelly Kaldunski’s Chocolate Cupcakes.

When Martha Steward’s Double Chocolate Cake is done, I started the carving while waiting for the cupcakes being baked in the oven. I started to pass on the unused cake to Nathan, so he could have a nibble. Suddenly we had this conversation:

Husband: OMG I can’t stop (speaking while watching the series of old cartoon “Duck Tales”)

Me: I never understand how people can’t stop watching this kind of cartoon. I couldn’t seem to find the addictive part of this series.

Husband: I am not talking about the Duck Tales. I couldn’t stop eating this chocolate cake

Me: (surprised and can’t believed what I heard) Really??? Why??????

Husband: I just love the taste… What the difference from the usual cake

Me: There is no egg and butter in it. It uses oil instead.

Husband: Owww probably that is why BUTTER. I don’t like the greasy feeling on my throat after eating them.

Me: Isn’t oil greasy as well????

Husband: (finished the whole cake left over from the carving)

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Beef Stroganoff

2010 September 3
by linda

This is one of the western dish that I need to tackle badly. I had cook some really bad beef stroganoff (I mean really really bad like no one want to even look at it and taste it). My husband always complained about how bad my stroganoff taste. There was one time that he washed the cooked stroganoff  because he can’t bear the thought of throwing the unwanted dish down the bin. He recycled the beef into other dish. Since then, I have been traumatized to cook another beef stroganoff. Every time I found the  courage to try, he forbid me and offered himself to cook stroganoff instead (talking about some support and encouragement huh…).

There were no difference for this time as well. He offered himself and remind me of my last stroganoff (oh how supportive you my dear…). I said to him that I had been doing some research on the net and looking at few recipes on stroganoff. I choose the Masterchef recipe because I watched the show. However I didn’t have all the ingredients needed. Without him knowing, I just started to prepare everything in the kitchen. He actually caught me on coating the meat with the flour. He said that my last stroganoff failed because of the flour coating. I said I think I didn’t shake the excess flour last time and this time I shake it off thoroughly. He said his stroganoff doesn’t need the flour to coat (yeah you right because the sauce that he cook came from the instant packaging.. and I am doing everything from scratch.. come on, can’t he understand the difference???)

Because I wanted to cook the stroganoff so badly, I didn’t write the recipe on paper as I always do. I was sort of remembering the steps on my head. I did all the instructions as I remembered and VOILA the beef stroganoff minus paprika powder, Worcestershire sauce, beef stock, and sour cream (used thickened cream instead). My verdict wass not bad for a beginner but as usual I received complain from an “instant packaging Stroganoff sauce” expert.

The week after, I tried to cook another stroganoff. This time I used beef stock and paprika powder, but still didn’t use Worcestershire sauce and sour cream(as I thought creme de fraiche was thickened cream… LOL I found out that it was sour cream instead after reading Dorie Greenspan cookbook… what a coincidence). The verdict was much better from my previous one. I think it is probably best to stick to the original recipe. So I would try to cook it one more timeaccordingly for the sake of perfecting my stroganoff.If you would like the recipe, click here.

Culinary tradition: Russian

Please leave your comment/suggestion if you find this recipe useful. Can’t wait to hear from you and Thank You!!!

Pandan Cake Vla Pandan with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

2010 August 27

If you read my previous blog, you know that I made this cake on the occasion of my newborn being one month old. I have been longing to try this recipe for sometimes now.

Here are some notes and tips that you may consider before you try to make this cake:

  • The original recipe doesn’t state the temperature, so I tried 170. Next time I preheat my oven around 190-200 C. (will keep you posted on this)
  • Both of the cake layers weren’t rise as they suppose to be. One of the reason was because the oven wasn’t hot enough. The first layer that was bake sunk slightly after cooling down.
  • When the first layer was cooked and removed from the tin, I quickly poured the remaining batter into the baking tin. What I found was breaking my heart. I found a thick residue of melted butter on the bottom of the mixing bowl. I just knew that the second layer wouldn’t be spongy at all. My conclusion, it is winter now and the recipe requests a melted butter. The melted butter just couldn’t wait to be butter again :) because of the weather. Next time I will divide the ingredients into two portions and whip them individually. Unless your oven would fit two baking tins at the same time, you better consider my suggestion.

Overall, the cake was pretty soft and spongy, but honestly the credit was all for the cake emulsifier. You have a peace of mind when you use cake emulsifier ;)

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Happy First Full Month My Baby Boy

2010 August 25

Time goes by in a blink of an eye. My newborn was one month old exactly on the 19th of August. Well he was 4 weeks old on Monday the 16th of August and I was making Pandan Cake Vla Pandan with Swiss Meringue Buttercream for our little celebration. I have been wanting to try this recipe for sometime and here came the occasion.

My busy Monday started with preparing my oldest son morning tea and lunch box, then dropping him at kindy. Then off I went to the kitchen preparing this cake with few pauses because the little one waking up. Sorry baby, probably you are not used to the loud mixer sound, well you better get use to the sound as you will hear it most of the time in the upcoming future. I will post the recipe later with few notes and tips as I didn’t do so well with this cake.

How my oldest boy felt so happy looking at the cake. He always excited looking at cakes because he loves singing the birthday song and blowing off the candles. This time, he did like uncountable times of singing, blowing and clapping hands. I guess it was kinda like a little practice before his upcoming birthday at the end of August.

Tuesday was all about planning, scheduling and shopping. Garlic, shallot, ginger, turmeric, candle nut, lemon grass and chillies for pounding, grinding and pureeing. Banana leaves, garlic shoots, broccoli, spring onions, parsley and carrot for decoration. Glutinous rice and flour, coconut milk and cream, potatoes, tofu, chicken eggs and quail eggs, prawns, can of petai in brine for the ingredients.

Buzzz… grrrrrrr…buzzz…. grrrr, that was the sound of Wednesday. Oh not to forget the hwaaaaaa… ooowaaaaacccchhhhh… (baby crying) and mommy look at this… mommy I want this that and it goes on and on and on…

Thursday, let’s the kitchen war begin!!! YAY and hubby had a day off, meaning that lots of lots of help with my two boys. Early in the morning, hubby and the oldest one went to the embassy to renew the passport and that made me so much easier in arranging banana leaves on platter. This was my third attempt in making the platter.

  • The first one was last year on my boy’s birthday. Result: unsuccessful because of poor time management.
  • The second attempt was last December on hubby’s birthday. Result: unsatisfied because of lack of research on how to arrange and decorate your dishes on the platter.
  • The third attempt: Satisfied, however still need to improve on decoration varieties and perhaps bigger platter will be result in a much more attractive looks.
  • Note to myself: find a storage space in the tiny apartment to store a new big platter ;)

Here are the dish starting from yellow rice clockwise: Nasi Kuning (Festive Yellow Rice), Sambal Udang Pete Balado (Prawns with Petai cooked in Sambal Chilli), Perkedel (Fried Mashed Potatoes), Telur Dadar Gulung (Rolled Omelet), Tahu Bacem (Fried Tofu Marinated in Palm Sugar and Herbs), Sambal Bajak Terasi (Sambal Chilli with Shrimpt Paste Bajak style in Tomato Basket), Mie Ulang Tahun (Fried Egg Noodles with Red Boiled Quail Eggs), Ayam Panggang Kremes (Grilled Chicken).

Conversation with Hubby while preparing those Tumpeng dishes around 4 PM:

Me: OMG we ran out of rice. We need to buy them ASAP.

Hubby: Ahhhh… I don’t wanna go out anymore today (answering with sleepy eyes, laying on the carpet)

Me: Oh well I suppose I could go tomorrow buying rice (25 kg) and chicken for Saturday (about 28 pcs of Chicken Maryland, those are for Theo’s one month things. We usually gave a packet of yellow rice with chicken, red egg, red traditional cake, and sweets to close friends and relatives. Traditionally, this thing is done to let them know that there is a new baby born in the family)

Hubby: Zzzzzzz… (snoozing already on the carpet while the toddler destroying the house with all of his toys all over the house)

Friday, lots and lots and lots of thing had to be done. First thing, feed all the boys then bath them and myself. Before we went out, it was already 12.30 PM. I was in a panicking zone. We all went to the city and darn it.. as usual no parking spot. Thank God I had a help that day from a friend. She watched the boys while I parked my car in a no parking zone (hoping that no parking office will pass and give me a ticket). I ran to the shop telling to the housekeeper that I need a 25 kg rice and then straight to the butcher asking him to give me 28 pieces of chicken maryland. I told them to be quick as I parked in the no parking zone. The porter carried the rice to the car, but there was no sign of the chicken from the butcher yet. I ran straight to the car and I was so lucky to spot a parking spot, although it meant that I had to drive backward about 5 metres on a busy zone. Back to the butcher asking him where the hell was my chickens. Surprisingly he handed me a big box of chicken.

Me: (still looking surprised) OMG how come you gives me the box? I only asked for 28 pieces of chicken.

Butcher: Yes 28 pieces of chicken maryland.

Me: (wondering how big those chicken pieces hidden inside the box) Mmm.. I need someone to help me carry this box to the car

Butcher: Okay.. no worries

Me: Hang on a second, I need to buy extra lemon grass

(Butcher kept going and went out of the store without me while I was paying the shopkeeper. Me following behind him and running)

(Me Arrived at the back of the car panicking and worrying that all those salmonella leaking and dripping from the wet box would contaminate my beloved car. I quickly placed lots of plastic bags on the car so the butcher could place that salmonella box on top.)

I think the box weighs almost 20 kg and don’t ask me how I get them all up to my apartment. A very hard work indeed. I had a very busy day and night after the chicken arrived on my kitchen station.Lots of chopping on the extra chicken fat. Lots of pinching the extra feather left on the huge chicken pieces. I wonder how big the chickens were when they were alive. I had to finish at 1.30 AM in the morning since my brain wasn’t really synchronized with my doing anymore.

All I can say about Saturday was busy hectic and kind of panicky, not so much for the cooking but for my two nagging boys. We started the delivery at 12.30 PM and arrived back home at 7.30 PM at night. What a journey, starting from inner west, eastern, northern, west, and city. Well thank God both of my boys was behaving nicely, especially the little one who slept all the way through and only woke up once for a fed.

This is one of the packet we delivered to relatives and close friends. I made 25 packets of them, each consists of Nasi Kuning (Festive Yellow Rice), Ayam Panggang Kremes (Grilled Chicken), Telur Merah (Red Boiled Egg), Kue Ku (Glutinous Rice Cake filled with Mung Bean Paste).

Sandwich Pavlova

2010 August 17

I could pretty much declare the month of July and August as “The Egg Whites Creation” months. Probably to all the upcoming months, I would say “Let’s get creative with egg whites” or ” Please think twice before you throw your egg whites down the sink”.  I could get about 2.5 L of fresh squeeze egg whites every 2 weeks. I may change what I think about egg whites around December as my fridge and sink are flooded with egg whites.

My dad came to visit us on July and he stayed for 3 long weeks. For me, he was very helpful because he could help me by playing and looking after my first boy as I am preoccupied with the newborn. For him however, he looked pretty bored when my boy was at school as the little one only sleep and sleep. On both of our free time, we used it to discussed about his new exciting business back in Indonesia. He is opening a restaurant cafe and he is not too familiar in this field. So I am sort of giving him the ideas for individual serving of sweets, cakes, and desserts. One of them is Pavlova, and it uses egg whites YAY!!!

His verdict about Pavlova: LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! All member of the house verdict about Pavlova: Absolutely love it !!! Special verdict from my brother: Absolutely ADDICTED to Pavlova. He keep asking me almost everyday whether I am going to make one or not. I did make another one on the weekend. Poor him, he woke up late. We actually wanted to left him half of the Pavlova but it was too good. We ended up eating a third of a quarter and left him a quarter. I promise him I will make one big Pavlova for him.

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Rainbow Pudding

2010 August 15

As usual, I always have an unimaginable huge amount of egg whites stored in my fridge. This time, I decided to make a rainbow pudding made from whipped egg whites mix with agar-agar mixture. Agar-agar is an Indonesian  instant jelly. It is not as chewy as the usual jelly, it is in fact quite hard (oh well it depends on the amount of water used for cooking them).

A little background story behind this pudding. When I was little, I remembered that our close family friend who owned a bakery back in Indonesia always send us this pudding on Chinese New Year. They usually delivered this pudding a day before the Chinese New Year and we (or at least me) can’t wait for tomorrow to come so I could have a big chunk for myself. Well you see, I slept at my grandparent house on new years eve because it was a big family dinner. My grandmother is a fussy woman (sorry ama, but you really are). She won’t let us touch all the cakes until the actual day of Chinese New Year. I never understand why or how she thinks, because she didn’t serve the pudding to the guests who visit her house anyway. She kept all of her grandchildren favourite foods in a safe place so no one could had them. So, why didn’t she let us have the taste before the day Ama? Oh well, I think she likes to have lots and lots of various foods serve on her table at the same time on the important day.

I did an attempt to make this pudding before with a recipe listed on some packet instruction (forget what is the product..) a long long time ago. I don’t think I need to describe how was it, because it was surely a big disaster, ended up with the whole chunk of mess in the trash. So, I am a little bit traumatized to try.

I found this recipe, read the instructions all the way through. I thought to myself, well I have nothing to lose because the egg whites is going to the trash anyway if it is unused. If you look at the original recipe (if you could understand Indonesian), you will notice that she whipped all the egg whites and mix it with the agar-agar mixture. Then she divide the mixture into three batches and mixing them with colours. Then she arrange it colour by colour. Well, I thought it was a chance to fail for me. I am not that big of a risk taker. So I decided to do two tins so I don’t have to weight the agar-agar every time I cook them. I am really surprised on how quick the layer set, and I am relieved that I didn’t do as the original recipe told.

Note to myself:

  • Reduce the amount of milk so the texture is much harder.
  • The sponge cake recipe is OK, but next time I will use sponge cake recipe from egg whites.
  • The top layer is better with Nutrijel (jelly) as this agar-agar is too hard and break the colourful layer as you spoon them.

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Ikan Balado

2010 July 15
by linda

Few days ago, I was deep frying chicken. I had to mix canola oil with some olive oil because I was short on canola. I thought what an expensive deep fried chicken because of the olive oil. Actually I wanted to discard the used oil straight away, but I felt sorry for the olive oil ;) So down I went to hunt for yellow fish tail, or any other fish suitable for Balado. YAY yellow tail fish was actually available at reasonable price, $4.95/kg. It would make a perfect Ikan Balado. By the way, Ikan means fish and Balado means stir fried chilli paste. So, there it is Ikan Balado, served with a warm steam rice and nice to be eaten with bare hand. This was actually my childhood and teenager meal at least once a week and I absolutely love it and can’t get enough of everything with Balado.

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Chocolate Egg Whites Chiffon Cake

2010 July 14

This is another effort of mine trying to rescue the unwanted egg whites. I had my doubt when reading the recipe. What!!! adding the unwhipped egg whites straight to the flour mixture??? But I thought, what the hell, I had nothing to lose anyway. It is only egg whites.

My verdict on the cake is absolutely soft and spongy even without the cake emulsifier. Amazing really, how can it be that soft without the cake emulsifier. I still couldn’t explain the reason.

As the recipe suggested, do not buttered the baking tin. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. The side of the cake is not that difficult, but as for the bottom one, I rip part of my cake and left it on the pan. Next time I will definitely butter the pan very lightly especially the bottom of the tin.

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Steam Rainbow Cake

2010 July 13

Since I made quite a lot of Lapis Legit lately because of the orders from store and customers, I have a huge unimaginable amount of egg whites stocked up in my fridge. I already threw some of them away because my fridge couldn’t take it anymore. I really felt for the unused egg whites and couldn’t stand the thought of throwing them down the drain. I started to search for egg whites recipes. To my surprised, there are lots and lots of egg white recipes and I couldn’t wait to try them all ;)

This is one of my trial recipe. the recipe is definitely a keeper. The cake is super soft and has a beautiful texture. It is really different compares to the baked cakes. It is also beautiful in appearance. This steam cake is a sudden hit to my house members. When I asked my husband whether I should actually give some of the cake to my neighbor, he simply replied : “Hmmm… not this one, I think we could finish it very quickly”. He was right. We finished the cake in a day. My boy loves the pink one as it has a strong strawberry essence. My husband loves the green one. I love them all.

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Roti Empuk

2010 July 13

I am now in a mission on searching for the perfect bread recipe. My little boy is very fond to a Twin Cocktail Frankfurt Bread available at Bread Top. This is the first time I am trying to use cocktail Frankfurt on a bread. Since I only have 5 pieces Frankfurt left in the fridge,  I only could managed to make 2 bread. As for the rest of the dough, I made Roti Polo. Before I am down with the verdict, let me tell you about my kind of silly unthinkable approach in making this bread.

As usual, in making the bread, I rested the dough twice before baking them in the oven. The silliest and dummies thing that I did was by not resting the cake on the baking tray in its final stage. When they were ready, I had to carefully picked them up and moving them to a baking tray. A big NO NO, the dough just kind of shrunk and out of shape. So the dough ended up with three times resting time, which I think make the taste of the bread kind of yeasty. This is a very important lesson that I learned.

It is time now for the verdict. When they just came out of the oven, they tasted really good. Because of the butter in the middle, the middle texture that is close to the butter has a crunch bite to it. I ate two buns straight away. However the next morning, they didn’t taste as good ad they were warm. The topping became a little bit sticky. I think the stickiness was because I stored them in a tight container while they were still a little bit warm. In conclusion, I think it is best to finish all the buns on the day of  making.

As for myself, I like the buns and will be happy to make them again. However, since my family members especially my husband doesn’t like the thought of chunky butter in the middle of the bread and there is no chocolate involvement in this bun. There is a slim chance that I will be making this bread again in the future.

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ORDER… Hip Hip HooRay!!!

2010 June 29
by linda

I had a very busy week this week. I accompanied my families who are holidaying in Sydney on Thursday night. I had my obstetrician visit on Friday afternoon. I had to prepare something for our Saturday weekend gateaway. We were going to visit a farm for Mandarins picking. It is about one and a half hour from Sydney. I ended up making Indonesian style pancakes filled with roasted crushed peanut, chocolate, grated cheese and condensed milk, and brushed margarine on top. WOW what an intense and unhealthy filling. Because I am not really familiar with the cooking process, I ended up with a sweet pancakes. I guessed I kinda panicked in the middle of cooking process and just chucked everything in. Anyway, they still tasted good and edible.

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BBQ American Spare Ribs Indonesian Style

2010 June 16

I did cook this spare ribs couple of times, but it was ages ago. My house members probably has forgot how great it tastes, so I decided to make this BBQ Spareribs as they are on special on my local butcher.

Butcher: How many kg for the spareribs?

Me: ehhhmmmmm…. give me 3 kg please

Butcher took 4 big pieces of ribs and weight, and they were about 2.3 kg. Suddenly I thought to myself, OMG it was a bit too much if she added more ribs. I shouted my change of mine.

Me: so sorry.. I changed my mind.. that would be enough thank you (fiuhhhh… what a relieve)

On Sunday morning, I thought this BBQ type of thing would be just perfect for our weekend brunch. So there I was, standing in the kitchen at 9 o’clock, peeling my herbs and pureeing them. By 10.30, my toddler had his ribs with steam rice, and he absolutely loves it. I don’t think the chilli affect him because you can’t really taste the spiciness because of the other herbs. We all had a lovely and full-filling brunch. I suddenly regret myself forbidding the butcher to give me 3 kg instead of 2.3 kg. My husband kept coming back to the kitchen to get some of those sticky juicy spare ribs. When I asked him whether I actually need to cook them twice as much quantity, he agreed. Ehmmm… so I actually should ask for 5 kg of spare ribs to satisfy all the meat eaters at home.

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Vanilla Cupcakes with Cheese Buttercream and Grated Cheese

2010 June 14

My friend was celebrating his son first birthday’s party and I promised her that I would bring some cupcakes over for the little ones. I was pretty excited in doing these cupcakes because I got a chance to experiment with new recipes. My choice for the cupcakes are Rainbow Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting sprinkled with hundreds and thousands and another type of cupcakes which I haven’t really decided. I have been surfing the web for some cupcakes ideas at several websites and my final choice is Vanilla Cupcakes which I frost with cheese butter cream and grated cheddar cheese and topped with red preserved cherries. The frosting idea was came from Sponge Cake with Butter cream and Grated Cheese which I did few months ago. I thought the sweet vanilla cupcakes would probably goes well with cheesy flavour and it does.

I need to get up early in the morning to prepare everything and not be late at the party. Well, I used my toddler as my alarm clock as he usually asked for milk around 6-ish in the morning. After I gave him the bottled, I was  ready for my cupcakes battles in the kitchen. Great, my preheated oven would also help to keep me warm in these cold winter morning. After being in the kitchen for about 1 hour, my toddler just realized that I was not around anymore, then as usual he check me in the kitchen. He sat in the living room very quietly with a sad rejected face as he thought I would felt guilty by leaving him in the bedroom. Yes, he still sleep in between me and my husband. Thank God we share a king bed together, so it is quite spacious. Thank God he didn’t bugging me all those time and sat quietly watching ABC Kids.

I ended up making three types of cupcakes. Last one is Chocolate Cupcake without frosting. These chocolate cupcakes were for my boy and hid daddy as they dislike any type of topping on their cupcake. I thought of bringing some of these cupcakes over for the party as well, but I didn’t have enough hand to carry. I figured 32 cupcakes would be more than enough for the party as well.

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Buttermilk Pancake

2010 June 13
by linda

I had about 500 ml of buttermilk leftover in the fridge. I only used a little bit for Devil’s Food White Out Cake, so I urgently need to think about something to make them out of for before they are spoiled. I bumped into this great recipe of buttermilk pancakes. The website is absolutely helpful for a beginner pancake maker with all the details about how to make great pancakes till all the equipments and hints. If you would like the details, click on the link below the ingredients.

I used my precious non stick square pan. I bought them like ages ago, 7 years to be exact and never used it ever since. How silly of me! I am just concerned that all the steel hands living in my house will scratch and ruin my precious pan. Well after I used it for pancakes, I let them cooled down then straight to the sink for wash, wipe them dry, then straight to the storage.

My buttermilk pancakes are complimented with frozen blueberries and caramel crunch ice cream with the drizzle of maple syrup on top. They are absolutely to die for. Yummy yummy yummy

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