2010 October 23

It has been a while since I thought of making my own sushi assortments. I even bought the sushi rice and rolling mat for months and kept them stored in my pantry drawer.

One fine afternoon, I just thought to pay a visit to my neighbor, Sydney Fish Market. I forgot the last time I went there. Getting a pram ready for Nathan and the baby carrier ready for Theo. We were on our way to the fish market. My shopping list were teriyaki eel for my unagi nigiri, salmon sashimi for my sushi rolls and nigiri, crab stick for california rolls and fish eggs for my sushi decoration.

We were there around 4 o’clock which was a bit too late because some of the shops were closed already. Thank God, I still got what I need. I bought the avocado as well in their fruit market because they were ripe and at reasonable price.

I had been researching on few websites on how to cook a perfect sushi rice. They say that the key to a perfect sushi lies in its rice. You need to do your rice right to have a decent sushi. I found this perfect website with great instructions and tips. If you would like the recipe, click here.

I took my chances on cooking the rice using a standard rice cooker not a sushi rice cooker. It turned out perfect, and I was relieved and happy as I could do my sushi quick and easy. Here are some photos of my first attempt sushi making. I did some tuna cucumber rolls, tuna avocado rolls, and chicken katsu rolls as well the next day but didn’t do the documentation.

Please leave your comment/suggestion if you find this recipe useful. Can’t wait to hear from you and Thank You !!!

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